Giving to the future you desire.

Giving December


Giving to the future you desire. At the end of a year, it is time to think about our future. A more enjoyable future. A future with more kindness.A more peaceful future. And a future where diversity is more accepted. In order to realize this future, turn your thoughts into a donation. Giving is a decision, an investment, a show of support and a wish. Giving can change the future. This is the reason for "Giving December." It is a time at the end of the year to think about the future and make a donation. It is also the perfect time to start a new tradition of giving. Put your thoughts into action through various initiatives to help realize the future you desire. Start a new giving at the end of the year.

What is "Giving December" ?

"Giving December" is a month during which donation recipients can offer thanks to donors. It also provides an opportunity to improve the contents of reports made to donors, and aims at being a month for many people to reflect on the importance and roles of donations, thereby increasing interest in donating and creating opportunities for action.
This special month was established through the coming together of a broad range of people involved in donations from NPOs, universities, corporations, government and international institutions. Starting this year, the entire month of December will be designated "Giving December."
"Giving December" is an initiative taken for the future of society in Japan, where presently roughly 70 percent of people wish to make a contribution to society.
Making a donation is a voluntary action. There are, therefore, no mandatory initiatives regarding "Giving December." It is important that people do what they can, in a way that they are able to.
Please spread word of this new movement, take this opportunity to reflect on donations, or make a donation yourself. Imagine your own "Giving December."

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"Giving December" is a campaign that was launched as a private initiative in 2015. It is aimed at creating opportunities for people to express gratitude for donators, to discuss roles of donation, and to take an action. In the first year, with the assistance of Bill Gates, we hosted a symposium. Moreover, we distributed a wide range of information on donation, including delivering messages about donation from professional soccer players. In Japan, there were 23 projects regarding donation that came into operation, including Kanpai Charity. And, in the fifth year, 176 projects were conducted, more than seventh times of those for five years. The projects included distributing information on donation with the assistance of professional musicians, a campaign on writing satirical haiku, or senryu, regarding donation, and charity events conducted by students. The number of companies that support "Giving December" increased to 647 from 123.

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